PK 2 =(

Last week,
we had finished our PK 2.
The whole week fulled with stress and revisions.
As the result,
I got 71 marks for my ICT paper.
I am not satisfied with the marks.
I think that is because I was lack of revision.
My reference of ICT are only from
Score A and the CD notes.
Puan Zalina said that is not enough.
We have to find more reference books for ourselves.
I will try my best to master in ICT.
I really hope to get A in my SPM.
I think I must work hard from now.
I was dissapointed in my results in PK 2 this time.
not only ICT but others subject too.
If I DO NOT work hard from now,
sure I will regret in my SPM!!!
Work hard!!!
Work hard!!!
Work hard!!!
Work hard!!!
Work hard!!!
Work hard!!!



Today, Puan Zalina teaches us Lesson 1
that is Program and Programming
I was interested in this chapter
because I think it was vry awesome to communicate with computer.
Teacher told us we would do program after this
I felt very excited!
I will do my best in the programming.


PK 1 =)

after PK 1,

it was an 1-week holidays on Tahun Baru Cina.

before holidays,

I had received my ICT PK1 exam paper.

I got marks 67!

I feel quite HAPPY n satisfied.

because last year i almost failed in end-year examination.

I realy did a lot of hard work for PK1

I do revision until midnight

I feel tat it is worth to get B in ICT

I wil try my best in the next exam
n hope tat I wil get an A!!!!



I hope to get an A in SPM!!!!




2/2/10 homework

Puan Zalina gave us some homework.

Q : What are the importance of analysis phase and designer phase in multimedia?
As I refer to my SCORE A book,
Analysis phase and designer phase are the pre-production process
before produce multimedia project.
During the analysis phase,
multimedia developers interview clients
to find out their needs and write out the problems statement and proposal.
Then, they will identify it and find the possible solution.
It enable multimedia developers to set the focus on the project.
During design phase,
the multimedia developer will design a Flow Chart and Storyboard.
In a multimedia program,design is very important.
The multimedia developers need to choose the colours and layout of each screen
and to determine the position of navigation button.
Erm...ya...this is my simple answer.
Hope teacher would satisfy


Minggu Keempat

Pada minggu keempat,
saya dengan kumpulan saya membuat pembentangan.
Cikgu telah merakamkan video pembentangan kami.
funny betul!
Cikgu meminjam contoh buku skrap kpd kami
barulah saya faham macam mana nak buat.
Saya akan berusaha mencari bahan2
untuk melengkapkan buku skrap itu.

Minggu Ketiga

Minggu Ketiga cikgu suruh kita membuat pembentangan
tentang tajuk Multimedia Production Team
ikut kreativiti kumpulan masing2.
Pada hari sabtu,
Saya dengan ahli kumpulan saya, Chew Chin Yee dan Lim Bang Yin
telah keluar bersama2 untuk membuat slide show
kami telah siapkan slide show itu dalam masa 4 jam
saya berasa puas hati dengan kerja2 kami.

Minggu Kedua

Minggu kedua cikgu pun teruskan dengan lesson seterusnya
Cikgu telah menyuruh kami membuat buku skrap
ia sbg penyumbang markah dlm peperiksaan SPM
tajuknya ialah, Immersive Multimedia in Education, Business or Entertainment
Saya tidak tahu macam mana nak mulakan buku skrap itu
sebab cikgu tidak bagi contoh
Cikgu juga ajar kita cara membuat web page
dengan menggunakan HTML
sangat menarik lah
sebab selepas letih menaip,
keluarlah web page yang saya cipta sendiri
saya berasa sungguh gembira.